Charms and Chimes on the Road is a collaborated blog of Charisse Marie Fajardo and Chriselle May Salvador-Yambao. These two ladies are friends who met in the academe (being both college instructors in a university) who are both passionate in the tourism industry and of course of traveling.

Charm perfectly describes beauty that is beyond what the eyes can see. It connotes a feeling innate in a positive personality and an appreciative heart. It is often related to words like delight, power, magic, and admiration. Chime on the other hand is the perfect symbol of harmony, synergy, high-spiritedness, happiness, tranquility and serenity. It is considered as a sign of good luck and the resonating sound it produces reminds love.

This blog will be your discovery of the charms and chimes of the world.


Copy of IMG_20150612_114506To share and write the charms of your dream destinations, the power and magic of cities, regions, countryside and islands, are the delight of life of a 26-year old woman named Cha. I am a public servant, a proud Kapampangan, a teacher, a traveler and a tourism advocate. Life for me is more than a blessing, it is God’s greatest gift! So let me take you to my world and join me as we discover places, realize thoughts, learn new ideas and remember unforgettable moments.



Mabuhay! I am Selle, 34 years old, nature-lover, married and a mother of an adorable daughter. Aside from traveling, I am fond of healthy food and organic gardening. It has been a long time dream of mine to travel blog, but have not really gotten around with it. I currently teach in a University as my full time job. I am very much excited to share with you my travel escapades and other simple life recipes to help anybody who needs ‘em. Happy reading!